2.Batxilergoko ikasleen lanak

  • 2020-05-15 |

Isolamendu garaian gure 2.Batxilergoko ikasleak A. Machadok idatzitako "Noche de verano" olerkiari heldurik birsortze prozesuan aritu dira. Hona hemen ale batzuk:


ERASMUS+ students in Faktoria Basque Radio programme

  • 2020-02-21 |

On Tuesday, 18 February, VET students and teachers shared their Erasmus+ experiences in Faktoria Basque Radio programme.

Internships abroad through Erasmus+ programme

  • 2020-02-21 |

41 vocational training students of Trade, Administration and Finance ,Tourism and Computer areas will be able to do internships in European companies through the Erasmus+ programme for three months. The countries in which they will carry out the internship will be Finland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia and United Kingdom. Participants will enjoy an unforgettable experience abroad.

35 Interships abroad for vocational training students

  • February 2019 |

Throughout this week, vocational training students of Administration and Finance, Tourism, Commerce and Computer areas will go to different countries in Europe.They will carry out three months of internships in companies with the Erasmus+ programme. Participants will enjoy an unforgettable experience abroad.

Former students transmit their personal experiences in the Erasmus+ programme

  • December 2018 |

Former students of IES Xabier Zubiri-Manteo BHI have shared their experiences in the mobilities they had in Poland and the Czech Republic with the participants of the 2018-2019 call.
The aim of the talk has been to visualize the impact these experiences had on their lives and encourage the new participants. They have shared their experiences, provided practical advice and responded to multiple questions.


KA103/KA116 Students/Staff

Erasmus + KA1 programme offers staff and student mobility for both Medium and Higher Level Cycles.

  • Student Mobility
  • Traineeship abroad (3 months): For Medium level training cycles (FCTs), Higher level training cycles (FCTs) , and recent graduates of both medium and high level cycles. (Within the year following the completion of their studies and selected in the last year of study).
  • Study period abroad: For Medium level training cycles and Higher level training cycles.

Objectives: Increase training opportunities abroad for Vocational Training students and provide the necessary abilities for the transition from the educational environment to the labour market.

  • Staff Mobility/Training periods

Professional training and development of education and training staff. (5 days)