Job Placements app - jopapp

jopapp 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016358

Project name: Job Placements app - jopapp

Partners: Zubiri Manteo, Marijampole College (Lithuania), eFVET (Belgica), ANESPO (Portugal), Pr-Consulting (Grecia)


The aim of the project is the creation of a manual for trainers and counsellors, and an app for students to guide and help them in the preparation and development of their job training period abroad. This tool “jopapp” is created through the direct application of the innovation model Rainova, implementing and adapting the contents and best practices of the RAINOVA model to a learning environment.


Student should lead the development of their job training process; they should be the driving engine of their own learning process, which would develop their soft skills such as a positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, strong work ethic, problem solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability, working well under pressure, competences for innovation in VET students.