Jopapp app presentation to Zubiri Manteo Erasmus+ students.

  • October 2017 |

More than 30 students will go on Erasmus+ internship abroad. Jopapp application was presented to them by teachers trained on jopapp.

EfVET Conference 2017 in Thessaloniki. Greece. Jopapp roundtable.

  • October 2017 |

Jopapp was presented in EfVET conference in Thessaloniki in the roundtables. The participants showed an interest in our app.

Zubiri Manteo Jopapp Multiplier event in Iurreta. September 20th

  • September 2017 |

Jopapp multiplier event was held in Iurreta. More than 40 teachers from different vocational schools of Basque Country involved in students Erasmus+ mobilities attended the event. Jopapp was presented to the assistants.

Visit from Tampere vocational college Tredu. September 19th

  • September 2017 |

Teachers and Directors from Tampere Vocational College TREDU (Finland) and Zubiri Manteo shared their experience. Jopapp was presented to our visitors.

5th JopappTransnational project meeting in Brussels. September 6th and 7th

  • September 2017 |

It was successfully completed the 5th Meeting of the Jopapp Project. The meeting was held in the headquarters of EfVET in Brussels.

Jopapp Multiplier event in Brussels in The Basque Government delegation. September 6th

  • September 2017 |

Teachers and students from Zubiri Manteo attended Jopapp multiplier event in the Basque Government delegation in Brussels. The event was organised by EfVET. The app was presented and used by the assistants. Bittor Arias from Tknika explained the vision of innovation in regional and local level. Sue Bird member from the Commission explained the importance of European Vocational Skills week.

4th Transnational Jopapp meeting in ANESPO. Lisbon

  • June 2017 |

It was successfully completed the 4th Meeting of the Jopapp Project. The meeting was held in the headquarters of ANESPO, 26th and 27th of June 2017.



TA3 Conference (Trans-Atlantic Technology and Training Alliance) . Dordrecht. Holand

  • June 2017 |

“Crafting new learning environments: Be an entrepreneur of your own future”. Jopapp was disseminated by Efvet and Zubiri.




  • June 2017 |

On 9th June, the Euskadi-Navarre-Aquitaine cross-border event was held. Euskadi’s projects were presented at the event and Jopapp was one of them.



Zubiri Manteo's projects presentation in Tknika

  • June 2017 |

On June 7th, the faculty meeting of Zubiri Manteo was held in Tknika. The centre’s projects were presented and we also presented how Jopapp is developing, its follow-up.



Job Placements app - jopapp

jopapp 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016358

Project name: Job Placements app - jopapp

Partners: Zubiri Manteo, Marijampole College (Lithuania), eFVET (Belgica), ANESPO (Portugal), Pr-Consulting (Grecia)


The aim of the project is the creation of a manual for trainers and counsellors, and an app for students to guide and help them in the preparation and development of their job training period abroad. This tool “jopapp” is created through the direct application of the innovation model Rainova, implementing and adapting the contents and best practices of the RAINOVA model to a learning environment.


Student should lead the development of their job training process; they should be the driving engine of their own learning process, which would develop their soft skills such as a positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, strong work ethic, problem solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability, working well under pressure, competences for innovation in VET students.