“A Step Further” (Leonardo).  5th meeting in Donostia, 18-21 March 2013

Our Project partners from Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and Turkey came to Donostia from 18th to 21st of March. Our students designed the activities for the meeting.

Tourism students prepared a school tour, guided tour in Donostia and in Hondarribia. The project brochure was presented and project agencies merchandising was exchanged among the partners.

Donostia  Donostia  Donostia


A step further (Leonardo) – Fourth meeting in Aksaray, Turkey. September 23-29, 2012

Zubiri students met their project colleagues to continue with the project started last school year. Students presented their agency’s route, and set the next steps to work on. They also had the chance to experience Turkey, their culture, people and places.

You can visit the project webpage www.a-step-further.eu.

Donostia will hold the next meeting in spring, where you are all welcome to collaborate.

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A step further (Leonardo) – Third Meeting in Breziçe, Slovenia. 15-21 April 2012

Last week some students were in Slovenia taking part on the 3rd project meeting. Students presented the routes created for the travel agency BidaiON to their partners, and also worked on activities related to marketing. Apart from the many activities prepared by our hosts we also visited the city of Maribor, which is the European cultural capital this year 2012.

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“A Step Further” Second meeting in Starogard Gandski, Poland. 11-18 February 2012

Second project meeting. We met our Croatian, Slovenian, Turkish and Polish old and new partners again, and presented them the work realized these months at school.

Once the work was finished students could experience and enjoyed the freezing winter temperatures in Poland.

Detailed information in www.zubiristudents.blogspot.com

Polonia  Polonia  Polonia

“A Step Further” First meeting in Daruvar, Croatia. 16-22 October 2011.

First project meeting. We met our Croatian, Slovenian, Turkish and Polish partners  and presented them the work realized at school.