Meeting in SITIA (Greece). May 2015

It could not end up better: sun, fun, dance, excellent food and cultural trips marked the end of our two-year project “Jobs for Youth, Skills for Companies”.

Finally, we saw the final product of our company Bluebot finished by the Greek team,lead by Angela and John from EPAL SITIA Technical Vocational School of Sitia. During this last meeting held last May, 4th - 8th, students could present all the work during the two years: each school, representing one departmental area of our company, showed the results of a hard work to the audience, teachers, students and representatives from local authorities in Sitia. Students from Germany represented the Human Resources department, students from Italy represented the Work Council department, students from Spain represented the financial department, students from Portugal represented the Communicationdepartment, students from France represented the Sales department and students from Bulgaria represented the IT department.

The most interesting part of the final event was the final workshop led by the Greek team: students finally presented the Manufacturing department and the greatest outcome of this project: the Robot. In particular, they showed how the robot could separate waste according to the material, weight, size and diameter and put it in the right part of the bin.

The European dimension of our project was enclosed in a Global Portfolio for European skills, containing the European common dictionary, the CV of the ideal European Worker and the Skills required by Companies when recruiting young workers. The main idea is to foster long-life learning and the recognition of non- formal and informal learning processes.

Unfortunately, this was our last meeting, but living in Europe and being European never means the end, so, there is no better way to say goodbye to our new European friends than this one, hoping to see all of you again…and again….and again….

Meeting in DONOSTIA. March 2015

“Entrepreneurship” and“Recycling”have been the must words during our sixth meeting in the Basque Country, Donostia, San Sebastian. It was nice to see everybody again in the place where the project actually started in 2013, with the very first ideas the partnership put into a mere application form that today is the project we call “Jobs for youth, skills for Companies”.

After a warm welcoming from Susana Espilla and JoneExtebeste, students and teachers participated in a Workshop on recycling led by German students in cooperation with Italian students: the main aim of the workshop was to show the differences between our countries in terms of sorting out rubbish; Italian students also gave everybody some European tips on “how not to waste the waste”.The perfect closure of this workshop was the visit to a recycling plant Usurbilgogarbigunea eta auzokonposta. Entrepreneurial was, then, the experience Spanish students made everybody live during the workshop they called “Entrepreneurial Day”: students and teachers proved their point by participating in a highly socializing team-work game.

Sadly, we have now come to our final meeting, held in Sitia, Greece, 4th -8th May. The partnership will present our company, Bluebot, and the work done during the two-year project. The final European framework of our company departments will be shown in what we have called aGlobal Portfolio for European skills….but don’t make me say more, please! Let’s live the Greek experience together and see what happens!

Meeting in NORDHORN (Germany), December 2014

It was really nice to share this gorgeous prelude of Christmas time in Nordhorn, Germany…and we were wrong, because it definitely was the coldest project meeting so far! But students’ work and laughers, teachers’ commitments and efforts contributed to warm up the atmosphere during this 5th mobility held from 1st to 5th December.  

Mrs Ruth Whener and Miss Anne Löckner were the hostesses of this wonderful German mobility which can be easily considered a “full sustainable experience”. 

Zubiri students presented the webpage created for the company and explained how to access it and publish in it to our colleagues. You can access it in

Meeting in TOULOUSE (France), September 2014

“ISSEC Pigier hosts European youth” : that’s what “” says about our 4th mobility in Toulouse, France from 29th September to 3rd October 2014. The Leonardo Multilateral Partnership “Jobs for youth, Skills for Companies” has reached higher levels during this meeting, where students have shown the results achieved so far for the first year of the project. 

Let’s speak European, then! Let’s say “European”, like the European Fair students have presented by preparing one common stand for the project and the company Bluebot, and other different stands, one for each country, to present their culture, history and peculiarities: bio products for Spain, chocolate and sweets for Germany, Olive oil and sweet wine for Greece, products made of roses for Bulgaria, olive oil, “taralli” and “tenerelli” for Italy, wine for France and Portugal.

Let’s say “European” again, like the European Workshop on how to market our Bluebot Company and the product we are selling, the robot, while tackling benefits and limitations of our marketing strategy.   

“European” once more, which stands for the European Conference “Boosting your career capital”, the heyday of this meeting: students had the opportunity to have a confrontation with representatives from the world of work who pointed out that “technical skills are not enough to face changes in the labor market; soft skills have to be developed to get into the job market on a national, European or international scale. The first step toward this achievement is to include them into teaching methods…” . 

What was also “European”  were the laughers, the hard work and commitments of the partners and students who are building an international friendship even outside the project activities. Can’t wait to see what’s next in Nordhorn, Germany! Partners will meet from 1st to 5th December in what (we hope) won’t be the coldest meeting of the project!!


Meeting in CALDAS DA RAINHA (Portugal), May 2014

Sunny weather, 30 degrees and happy faces welcomed us in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, where the 3rd meeting of our Leonardo Multilateral project “Jobs for Youth, Skills for Companies” was held from 12th to 16th May. 

Most of students this time stayed at hosting families, while the activities concerning the implementation of the project were carried out at Escola Secundaria Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, a stunning building in the middle of the town which absolutely showed us what “ART” is about, amazing! As perfectly planned by the Portuguese referees of the project, Luis Militao, Maria Joao Anacleto and Joao Duarte, the very first day of the activities students presented the work done in each department of the BLUEBOT Company and participated in two different workshops led by Portuguese students. The first concerning Marketing, was about how to deal with websites and web advertising; the second workshop on IT showed students and teachers how video editing works. Strictly related to the workshops was the visit to “Janela Digital”, a company which provides technological solutions for the real estate business, in terms of management (softwares) and marketing (advertising on the Internet). All the work done by teachers, instead, focused on the organization for the activities to be developed up to next meeting and the FAIR in Toulouse, next stop for the project. 

Discovering Òbidos, Sao Martinho do Porto, Foz do Arelho, Alcobaça and Nazaré 

was absolutely amazing: sunny weather, the sea and the beach, a wonderful walking on the sand, felt like summer already!

Meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria), February 2014

Our 2nd “Jobs for youth, Skills for Companies” meeting took place in Sofia, Bulgaria! Marina Vetseva and her daughter Alexandra Vetseva hosted all the participating countries at “Sveta Hotel” from 3rd to 7th February 2014. A round table, for both teachers and students, welcomed the guests, eager to start the meeting and share what has truly been a nice experience.

In a very big room all students from the participating countries were gathering to implement the activities in the agenda. First of all, there was the logo and slogan competition: all the students presented their fabulous ideas, but there were only three “winners” voted by both teachers and students. Greek students presented the best logo for the company, Bluebot, French students invented the best slogan “Let it sort!” On the other hand, Italian students made the best logo and slogan for the project, which will now be “JOBS: Just Over Basic Skills”. After that, all the students took part into two different workshops: the first one was led by Italian students and it dealt with “Sustainable Tourism”. After showing some interviews about sustainability, they presented a questionnaire about different “Healthy Lifestyles” in each country to underline the differences between every single country. The second workshop, organized by Bulgarian students, was about “E-business”. All students, divided in teams, presented their own ideas about how to sell a specific product online. From their part, teachers were working on the work done, work to be done and arrangements for the third meeting to be held in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

During the trip to Samokov, the Bulgarian partner arranged a meeting with the mayor of the municipality in Samokov. Both teachers and students participated in the meeting, recorded by a local broadcasting RILA TV. The topic of the meeting was “the importance of establishing a dialogue between Education and Institutions”. Three representatives of Youth Students of the area presented their ideas to the mayor to improve the Educational System in Schools. Afterwards, they discussed them with the teachers from the participating countries.

The biggest surprise of the meeting was the show some Bulgarian students arranged for the farewell dinner: national dances, costumes and songs accompanied the typical dishes of the country prepared for the dinner: everybody got involved, even for dance, amazing! And now from the freezing cold Sofia to the definitely warmer Caldas da Rainha in Portugal, where Luis Militao, Maria João Anacleto and João Gomes Duarte will host the third meeting for the project from 12th to 16th May 2014. This time the Portuguese students will lead a workshop on “Teambuilding”.

Kick-off meeting in Andria (Italy), November 2013

The kick-off meeting for the Leonardo Multilateral Partnership “Jobs for youth, Skills for Companies” was finally held in Andria, at C.F.O.P. DON TONINO BELLO from 10th to 16th November 2013. All the partners from the countries involved in the project were present at the meeting.

At the very beginning of the meeting, each partner introduced himself / herself and made a presentation of the school and the city he / she comes from, in order to create the shape of a knowledge essential for further cooperation. Right after all the partners started working on the project: logo and slogan, website, tasks and objectives were pointed out and all the work to be done until the next meeting implemented. All this was implemented through a workshop on skills and abilities carefully set up by IES Xabier Zubiri Manteo BHI.

The support of the coordinator was very important as far as cooperative work and tasks are concerned: Catherine Valladon from ISSEC Pigier, Toulouse, France, coordinator of the project, led the meeting which ran easy, as it can be understood from the final results. Plus, the time spent all together helped partners create the harmony apart from the work concerning the project. A great group and a great work until now….

Now everybody can’t wait to meet in Sofia, Bulgaria, the next meeting for the project, which will be held from 3rd to 7th February 2014. At the meeting, kindly hosted by Marina Vetseva, the students from each participating school will take part in two workshop, the first led by Bulgarian students aiming at sharing skills on “E-learning” and the second led by Italian students, seeking to share skills and compare knowledge on “Sustainable Tourism”.

















Project Name: Jobs for youth, Skills for companies


  • IES Xabier Zubiri Manteo BHI (Donostia)
  • Issec Pigier (Toulousse, France)
  • Kaufmannische Berufsbildende Schulen Nordhorn (Germany)
  • EPAL SITIA (Technical Vocational School of Sitia, Greece)
  • Escola Secundária Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (Portugal)
  • Vocational training center at London college Dublin ltd, Sofia (Bulgary)
  • C.F.O.P. Don Tonino Bello (Italy)


The project is based in the creation of a company, divided into departments. Each country leads a departmental area in which they have the expertise, as it is related to the vocational studies in their organization. The product and company itself take into account sustainability, promoting local sustainable companies and developing social responsibilities in the project management Students lead these departments, make the decisions and take the actions (activities) necessary to run them with their partners’ contribution. The departments will be management, manufacturing, human resources, marketing and communication, ICT, sales, finance, works council. The interdepartmental communication is the basis of the skill share and the success of the company is the result of the teamwork. Departments will present periodical reports in each meeting, explaining/showing the job done and discussing and taking common decisions for the next steps.

During the project teachers will foster the distinctive skills and abilities worked, pointing out and compiling reports on transversal skills. They will also take advices from the partner of the world of work.

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