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Final Training

May 20th

The project BeSTrain No. LLP-LDV-TOI-2011-LT-0093 final training course took place in IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI, Donostia. Nearly 30 participants- teachers, company managers and young entrepreneurs attended the event. The final training focused on the human element in the company. The success of the company and its projects is based in human management. Piedad Arbaiza, expert in enterprise coaching steered the session. Motivation, leadership, team work, communication and how to improve them into the company were the main topics of the training.

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April 2013

Pilot training in Donostia. April 17th and 24th

IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI hosted two pilot training sessions to test the material and the interactive animated tool (IAT) created in BeSTrain. The first session target group was VET teacher related to entrepreneurship and business. The second session target group was micro pymes managers and young entrepreneurs. During the morning Bestrain material were discussed among the participants specially the case studies. In the afternoon the AIT was presented and its use was discussed. The participants were active and gave us their feedback.

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March 2013

On March 5- 6 in Larnaca (Cyprus) Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project "Business Strategy Development Training" No. LLP-LDV-TOI-2011-LT-0093 (BeSTrain) the third partners meeting took place.

Project BeSTrain team discussed the training material –structure, translation, study cases. The training material was updated and adapted to suit for the needs of target groups in Lithuania, Spain and Cyprus. Additional training material was developed - new practical tasks and interactive animation tool, which allows better use of theoretical knowledge in the modules.

The participants of the third meeting discussed what was done and planned further work.

The training material is placed on the project website. By April all the material should be translated into Lithuanian, Greek and Spanish and it will be uploaded on the project website.

After this meeting, the work that awaits the project participants – the pilot course of strategic training for vocational teachers and SMEs in Lithuania, Spain and Cyprus. Each learner will be able to test their skills by playing a game of strategic management

This game is not only attractive, but gives much benefit for participants, e.g. a teacher or a representative of the SMEs will be able to try to create his own or company business plan, understand if he is working in the right direction. The last project meeting will be held in September 2013 in Kaunas (Lithuania).

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October 2012

21st Annual EfVET International Conference

Jesus Maria Cuesta, teacher of IES Zubiri-manteo BHI and Basque coordinator of BeSTrain ( Leonardo Transfer of Innovation) project was invited. 21st Annual EfVET International Conference in Palma de Malloca. October 24th-27th.

Conference theme

The drive toward European Credit Transfer within Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and the new LLP programme ’Erasmus for All’ 2014 – 2020


Our BeSTrain project was presented in the workshop session by the project coordinator Rasa Zygmantaite.

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April 2012

Project meeting in Donostia. Each partner presented their training needs analysis according to the answers provided in the survey. The international report was also presented.

TNA presentation

  Slovenja   Slovenja  

March 2012

There is a survey among teachers and micro companies to identify their training needs in Strategy Train.

February 2012

The project leaflet has been developed.

BeSTrain leaflet

January 2012

Presentation of the project in Tknika to Urrats Bat and EJE coordinators

  Tknika   UrratsBat  

November 2011

Kick-off meeting in Graz, Austria. 17th-18th November

Partners:  MERIG (Austria), Marijampolès profesinio rengimo centras (Lithuania), Viesoji jstaiga KTU regioninis mokslo parkas (Lithuania), X-Panel Ltd (Cyprus), IES Xabier Zubiri-Manteo BHI.





October 2011

Start of the Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation project BeSTrain (Promoter: MPRC, Kaunas/LT).

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IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI - BeSTrain

IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI - BeSTrain