The aim of the internationalization of IES XABIER ZUBIRI-MANTEO BHI is that any student or teacher who wishes will have the opportunity to have an experience of exchange, practices or/and training in other countries of the European Community. Internationalization is a key aspect of the institution´s educational project.
We encourage multilingual teaching, offering teaching in English and/or French in several of the training cycles we offer, apart from the official languages of the Autonomous community of the Basque Country, Euskara and Spanish.

Student mobility activities:

  • School exchanges with other European centers for a week mainly for students of 4th ESO and 1º of baccalaureate to improve linguistic and social competences.
  • Traineeships in European companies for Vocational Training students within the Erasmus+ and PyireneFP programmes. They will take place throughout the year and vary in length. These will help to improve language and social skills, personal skills and increase employment opportunities.
  • We promote participation in international programmes such as Global Training through the realization of practices directly linked to a professional activity.
  • We receive students from other European centers so that they carry out their traineeships among us, together with educational and cultural activities.

Staff mobility activities:
Within the Erasmus+ programme, we also promote staff mobility to broaden and improve their professional profiles. In addition, we enable collaboration with European counterparts with which agreements are established to make collaborative projects.
We also receive teachers from other European centers with which we share practices, policies and systems in education or training.