Urratsbat is a programme promoted by the office of the Deputy Adviser on Vocational Education & Training of the Education department, universities and research of the Basque Government and coordinated by TKNIKA, whose aim is to encourage entrepreneurship culture among VET students and help them to create their own companies, taking advantage of all the resources, both human and technical, of the VET schools.

Aimed at:

  • Middle and Higher diploma students of the VET schools.

  • Former students of the school.

  • Any person related to the school through non-formal and/or distance training courses.

Services offered:

  • A person in IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI the promoter can consult throughout all the process.

  • An entrepreneurship office in IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI, properly equipped, so that the enterprise creation process can be developed.

  • Possibility to use the school's resources during the launch stage of the project (as long as it doesn't affect the classes).

  • Advice and processing of the subsidies for self-employment.

  • External advice from an organization linked to the corporate world, which collaborates with IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI, both during the creation and development process and after the launch of it.



Last projects turned into enterprises:


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